Travelling Tips for Asia

Keep an open mind

Just like travelling in Europe or the Americas or Africa, it would be wrong to expect that things are the same all over Asia. Countries are at different stages of economic development, religious and cultural aspects are diverse and so are the food and people. The experiences you’ll have in each country will differ greatly. The level of proficiency in English will differ hugely and might be very limited in certain countries. The way English sounds when spoken by a Vietnamese or Indian or Singaporean are all different and unique. You might have to listen a bit more carefully, and learning a few words (especially “thank you”) in the local language opens many hearts and might just dramatically increase the number of smiles you receive on your trip.

The food will be different with new and interesting flavours, spices and ingredients. Asian food in general is very healthy and tasty but be prepared for lots of rice, noodles and vegetables. If you’re a steak, potatoes and pap person you might struggle a bit.

Remember you’re a guest in another country – be courteous, accept, enquire and immerse. Be open-minded and respect other cultures and traditions. If you do that you’ll enjoy your trip, learn new things and have wonderful experiences. Travel is about exploring and seeing new and different things. If you want it to be the same as at home – then the experience of travel will pass you by.