We have found that our passengers who embark with a sense of humour and adventure and who accept that things can and do go wrong, are those who find their experience most rewarding. The countries in this region are developing quickly but still lack international standards of civil infrastructure and therefore tourist facilities. For example, you may see a hole in the road without a warning sign or safety barricade. Concepts of personal responsibility are different to those in South Africa. Consequently, tourist and public facilities will not uphold the same safety standards as at home. Both Asian and Western-style toilets can be very basic, so we recommend you don’t turn down the opportunity to go to a nice toilet when they are available; also be prepared that not all public toilets offer Western facilities.

Occasionally traffic, parking restrictions and construction will mean you will have to walk extra distances from the bus to sites/train stations/ airports. In unusual circumstances, this could involve carrying your own luggage. Sightseeing in Indochina can involve walking for a few kilometres in high temperatures and humidity, over uneven ground or uphill/up steps. All passengers must be able to walk unaided. Whether you are exploring Saigon’s bustling downtown in Vietnam, or exploring the hushed Angkor temple ruins in Cambodia; you will need to pay attention to your surroundings. Streets and pavements are uneven, roads are busy and the traffic follows very different rules! Of course, the Local Guides always endeavour to provide the highest level of service and assistance, but they cannot be expected to cater for passengers who are unfit to complete the itinerary.

Bon Voyage!