Experience the bustling cities of Delhi and Mumbai, journey to the golden beaches of Goa, discover the sleepy backwaters of Kerala and admire ancient temples. Wander through the colourful cities of the north, to the verdant valleys, snow-capped mountains and wind-whipped prayer flags of Sikkim and discover why India is truly incredible. Unearth Sri Lanka, Asia’s Emerald Isle; visit breathtaking Nepal or explore spiritual Bhutan.

Almost everything will be different to what you may be used to. We have found that our passengers who embark on their journey with a sense of humour and adventure and who accept that things do not always go to plan, are those who find their experience most rewarding. Although India is developing quickly, please note that health and safety standards overseas can differ greatly from those we enjoy at home, often of a lower standard. However, all of our suppliers meet local and national safety standards as a minimum.


Bon Voyage!