Komodo, Flores & Sumba

Further east, lie the islands of East Nusa Tenggara, shaped by the power and force of an enormous chain of mountains and volcanoes which begins in the north of Sumatra and stretches east across Java. The province consists of over 550 islands, but is dominated by the three main islands of Flores, Komodo and Sumba.

Occupying a unique position across the Wallace Line, it is one of the worlds most dynamic and exotic marine environments with nearly every species of coral and tropical fish represented. In contrast, the arid landscape of eastern and south eastern Nusa Tenggara is the result of hot, dry winds blowing in from the Australian continent and in fact, in many coastal areas not a drop of rain falls during most of the year. Struck by the Flores’s incredible beauty, the Portuguese called it “Flower” island. The island is crowded with volcanoes and mountains including Mount Kelimutu and its three colored crater lakes. The island of Komodo is home to the world’s only pre-historic “Dragon”. These giant lizards are the area’s major attraction.

Sumba is a dry Island located in South Komodo and West Flores. Unlike other volcanic Islands in Indonesia, Sumba is sprinkled throughout the countryside, stunning mountain and coastal scenery, hilltop villages with high thatched roof clan houses, clustered around megalithic tombs. Before colonial period, Sumba was the main source for sandalwoods, horses, slavery and live stocks. Half of Sumbanese practises Animist with their ancestor believe called “Merapu” the other half are registered as Christians although they are still practicing their ritual ceremonies of Merapu. The most spectacular ceremony in Sumba called “Pasola”, a ritual fights with blunt spears of hundreds horsemen from different village. It is wild fight and martial event, although they are using blunt spears, serious injuries are common and occasional deaths. The Pasola takes place in February in Lamboya and Kodi and March in Wanukaka. Unique Funeral ceremony in Sumba continue till today, the huge block of stone are cut and dragged to mortuary yard in the middle of the clan house complex. Hundreds of water buffalos, pigs are slaughtered to accompany of departure soul to afterlife. Funeral ceremony is the most important for Sumbanese, they can live simply in poor live and save their money for a huge funeral show.